Sweet indulging moments , guilt-free

A coco-nutty aroma, crunchy yet smooth chocolaty indulgence. This does sound exquisite. However it probably is not as healthy, or is it? As a dietitian I often get exasperated when clients/patients or even acquaintances immediately jump to the conclusion that eating healthy is unexciting, dull and tasteless and also the subject that dietitians only eat

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Your post-nutrition will help keep your training on track

Are you gearing up for that elusive full Ironman finish, or a podium place at the next adventure race in the Lowveld?   Now, training intensely for months can be of great value for the preparation process for specific sports events or competitions. But – and this word always seems to lurk around the preparation

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More to a Dietitian than meets the eye…

We are often mistaken by many people for being able to change one’s physique over-night (that is being way too optimistic). Of course we wish that we’re able to do that. But unfortunately dietitians aren’t miracle workers and we also do so much more than just helping patients with losing weight. “Dietitians week” was celebrated

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What exactly is a healthy lifestyle?

What is considered a healthy lifestyle? This is definitely a topic which features regularly in conversations, especially at the start of a New year when New Year’s resolutions are made. And many people try their best to achieve this so called “healthy lifestyle”. A lot of answers can definitely be correct when considering the aspects

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Why is green tea so beneficial?

Originating in China (like most things in the world), green-yellowish in colour, and quite a harsh tasting beverage… But consequently many health benefits linked to it. Green tea is definitely a buzz word these days.  Health fanatics are exploring this amazing substance and the extracts are featuring in various products around the world. But why

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